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december 14, 2007

The famous “bye bye Belgium” documentary

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I quote my previous post

Frictions between the both sides of the countries became clear after the airing of “La Flandre Indépendante” (Independent Flanders) of the Wallonian national broadcast RTBF in December 2006. In the middle of a popular TV-program, a special news edition was broadcasted. “Good evening, tonight in a special reunion of the Flemish parliament, Flanders has declared itself unilaterally independent. The king has fled the country, citizens cannot cross the borders anymore.” What followed was an hour of fake interviews and reports of happy people in Flanders and sad people in Wallonia.Panic fell over the south of Belgium. Some emptied their saving accounts, others booked tickets out of the country. Elderly people called to their grandchildren in Flanders crying that they would never see them again. In Flanders no one was aware of what was going on on the other side of the country. Afterwards people in Flanders thought it was funny. How could the Wallonians be so naïve to think that Flanders would really declare its independence and in such a way? If it would happen one day it would be with clear negotiations. What the Flemish did not digest well was the way they were portrayed by the French-speaking journalists – as neo-Nazi, extremists, and arrogant materialists without a decent culture. Reminding them the ‘good old times’ where the South looked down on them. Prime minister Guy Verhofstadt stated, “This was a sick joke.”

The original documentary, a year ago (FR/NL)

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Panel discussion between Flemish and Wallonian journalists on “Bye bye Belgium” (NL)

The discussion on the role of the media (English)


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