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februari 7, 2007

A sign of life!

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Hello you all, 

So many of you are trying to get in touch with me (I’m flattered!).

But as many of you also experienced: I’m difficult to get a hold on these days.

I’m doing some really long days (get up at 7 a.m.,train at 8 a.m., work till 7 p.m., home at 9 p.m., having some food, relaxing and try to get at least 6 hours of sleep :))

So the solution to this all: A blog!  For those wondering what the name of the blog is about: It’s the title of a great CD by Bénabar I really like.

You can all simultaneously read what I’m up to these days.

And if you want to leave a message, go ahead! )

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  1. Hierbij even vermelden dat je zeker Mevr. Smets moet bedanken voor het verspreiden van de link van je blog 🙂
    Greetz 🙂

    Reactie door biglia — februari 9, 2007 @ 5:38 | Beantwoorden

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